1. What modifications have you made to the original design of the Scarab?

We have strived to create as an original a look as we can while maintaining torsional stiffness. The view inside the cockpit will look very close to that of an original Scarab. The most notable difference will be seen in the rear suspension, as we are using Corvette C5 uprights with Wilwood disc brakes instead of the de Dion tube and drum brakes. Just as on the original cars, we are using upper and lower A-arms with coil over shocks. The Winter's quick-change rear end looks almost identical to what was on the original Scarabs. The main rails of tig- welded 4130 chrome moly steel are 2" diameter with the supporting members being 1 1/2" and 1” tubing. The Wilwood brake system is composed of 1.25 x 12.19" vented rotors with 4 piston calipers.

2. What engine can I use?

The Scarab chassis has been developed to accept a small block 350 cu inch Chevy engine and/or any of its configurations such as a 265, 283, and 327. If you would like to use a different engine please contact us to discuss the technical requirements and performance considerations.

3. Where can I purchase an engine for my Scarab?

There are many sources for engines: new GM factory or GM rebuilt, local engine builders/machine shops, EBAY, or any of the many custom order engine builders.

4. What transmission can I use?

As with engines, there are many transmission options available in the marketplace. The original Scarabs ran with a T10 4-speed transmission. Your choice of transmission really depends on how much horsepower/torque you want and the type of driving you plan to do. With almost any gear ratio available in the quick-change differential, you can tailor the car to your needs.

5. Can I purchase a turn-key car?

At this time we are only offering the Scarab as an unpainted or painted rolling chassis. Each car is delivered with all components completely installed except for the brake calipers. To complete the Scarab it will be necessary for the owner to install his (or her) choice of engine, transmission, drive shaft and battery.

6. What about the tires and wheels?

The Scarab comes with 600/650 x 16” Dunlop racing tires and 16 inch 5 hole kidney bean style knock-off wheels from PS Engineering. The Dunlop tires are the same tires that are currently being used on all the original Scarabs performing the vintage race circuit. Some Scarab owners will want an alternative to the supplied Dunlop racing tire. There are various tire options available from many tire manufacturers for the 16” x 7” wheel.

7. How much will the car weigh and what are its measurements?

Curb Weight: aprx. 2200 lbs (depending on eng/trans and options)
Length: aprx. 168 inches
Width: aprx. 64 inches
Wheelbase: aprx. 92 inches
Height@ Cowl: aprx. 32 inches
Height@ Headrest: aprx. 42 inches
Tread Front &Rear: aprx. 52 inches

8. What are my paint options?

Scarab Motorsports does offer a paint option which has both the Scarab MKI (light blue) or Scarab MK II (dark blue). Both versions come with the traditional white scallop. You can also opt for a pin stripe package and racing meatball (without number). Custom colors are available upon request. For details contact Richard Kitzmiller at (913) 262-6794.

9. Do you sell fiberglass bodies?

We are only offering aluminum bodies and currently do not have plans to build a fiberglass body.

10. What is the process to purchase a Scarab?

Contact Richard Kitzmiller at (913) 972-2189 or email us at info@scarab-motorsports.com

11. Once my order is placed, how long will it take for me to get my Scarab?

We anticipate that we will be able to deliver your Scarab approximately six months from our initial receipt of your aluminum body. However, the aluminum body is made to order and its arrival in the United States will depend upon when your deposit is received in relation to our scheduled shipping dates. This is the estimated delivery time for an unpainted roller.

12. Is delivery available?

We would be happy to help arrange for the transportation of your new Scarab to your front door. Just give us a call and we can help set up delivery to your area. Cost of delivery is the owner's responsibility.

13. Do you offer financing?

We are a small, privately held company and as such do not offer financing for our customers.

14. What do I have to do to register my Scarab?

This depends on the state in which you plan to register your car. Each Scarab will come with a manufacturer’s certificate of origin and a registration plate. We recommend you contact your state's DMV as soon as possible in regard to their specific registration requirements.

Scarab Motorsports, L.L.C. builds a custom reproduction of a front-engine sportscar that was originally created and named by Lance Reventlow in 1958. Scarab Motorsports, L.L.C. is not in any way associated with Genmar Industries or its subsidiary Wellcraft Marine Corporation, the manufacturers of the Scarab performance boat.