Welcome to our "Ask the Experts" question and answer page!!!

Over the past few years Don Devine, Harry Heuer, Richard Reventlow and I have discussed the many misunderstandings that surround the history of the Scarab and its racing career. We hope that this new addition to our website will help answer any questions that you may have concerning the history and the individuals who participated in the building and racing of the Scarab. 

We have asked a number of individuals that were involved with the Scarab throughout its history to volunteer to answer questions and we have received a great response.  

The following have volunteered to act as our "Ask the Experts" panel and we are looking forward to having additional members of the various Scarab teams coming on board in the future:

  • Harry Heuer, Meister Brauser Racing (Team Leader & Driver)
  • Don Devine, Meister Brauser Racing (Team Driver)
  • Bruce Kessler, Reventlow Automobiles, Inc. (Driver & Director of "The Sound of Speed")
  • Raoul "Sonny" Balcaen, Reventlow Automobiles, Inc. (Crew Member)
  • Richard, Reventlow, Builder of the 25th Anniversary Scarab (Family Member) 
  • Ronnie Kaplan, Nickey Nouse (Crew Chief)
  • Tom Stephani, Nickey Nouse (Member of the Stephani family who owned Nickey Chevrolet)
  • Nick Decker, Pabst Racing (Team Member & Scarab Historian)

The questions we receive will be forwarded to the panel and the answers posted to our "Ask the Experts" section so everyone can view the answers. All questions and answers will be archived on the site for future reference.

I hope this will provide valid information to those interested in the history of the Scarab and the individuals who built, raced and maintained the beautiful American racing icon.

Please submit your questions or comments by completing the form below.

Also, if you or anyone you know was involved with the Scarab in the past and would like to participate on our panel, please call or email me at rkitzmiller@scarab-motorsports.com .

Thanks for your interest and participation.

Richard Kitzmiller, President


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